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Knole HouseDesire and property. They seem to go together. But each will be the topic of a separate panel on Virginia Woolf at the 2008 Modern Language Association Convention in San Francisco this year.

Details of the call for papers follow.

Call for Papers for MLA 2008

The International Virginia Woolf Society will conduct two panel sessions at the 2008 MLA Convention in San Francisco.

  1. “Troping the Light Fantastic: Woolf’s Use of Desire and Pleasure.” Discussions of the use of desire, pleasure, and intimacy to treat topics rarely associated with sex and sexuality: creativity, inspiration, epistemology, politics, spirituality. Abstracts of 500 words or less due by March 15, by e-mail to Brenda Helt at helt00010@umn.edu.
  2. “Orlando ‘s ‘house was no longer hers entirely’: Property in Virginia Woolf.” This panel seeks new theoretical or socio-historical approaches to representations of real, personal, and intellectual property in Woolf’s fiction, non-fiction, and biographical materials. Abstracts of 500
    words or less due by March 15, by e-mail to Jamie McDaniel at jlm25@case.edu.

Get all the details about the 2008 MLA Convention Call for Papers.

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