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Stroke of Red Studio

One of my favorite books is Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”. I read this book several years ago for the first time and it left quite an impression on me. The summary of it was that everyone needs their own space to create. I always have a creative space. I have found over the years that sometimes that can be challenging. spaces can be too small, shared, or just not conducive to creativity.

This past year I had to close down my art studio temporarily. I felt really conflicted and sad about it. I stubbornly packed up my art supplies and stuffed them in various closets. However, it didn’t last long before I needed to create and dug them all back out again. I decided that my dining room is a wasted space in my house. We either eat around the living room table (it’s easier for my…

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Bloomsbury in Bloom

Shine On

The sun is out, the sky is blue: it’s time to pack a picnic and head out to Charleston, the home and country meeting place for the writers, painters and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury group.  The interior of the house is uniquely decorated by artists Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia Woolf). The gardens are perfect for generally loafing about and if you’re quick about it, you may still be able to get tickets for the Charleston Festival.  From 17th to 26th May writers, thinkers, performers and politicians convene.  This year’s guest speakers include Barbara Kingsolver, Mark Haddon, Juliet Stevenson, Joanne Harris, Jeremy Irons, A N Wilson, Pat Barker, Jenny Agutter and Julian Fellowes, to name but a very few.  See http://www.charleston.org.uk/whats-on/festivals/the-charleston-festival/ for details.

While you’re in the Bloomsbury mood, Virginia Woolf’s house in Rodmell is also worth a visit.  The house is full of Leonard and…

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