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Readers of Virginia Woolf and fans of Downton Abbey have a double treat in store for them when the new season of the PBS Masterpiece series begins. Woolf will make a cameo appearance on the show.DOWNTON-WOOLFE_2668530c-1

Christina Carty, who starred in Belonging to Laura and The Vessel, will play the part.

Speculation is that middle sister Edith will draw the famous author into the story in her role as budding journalist. While venturing into a “bohemian lifestyle” and experiencing the “thrill of rebellion,” Edith will encounter Woolf at a glamorous house party with her Bloomsbury friends.

Woolf’s appearance will mark just the second time the series has included an actual historical character. The other is the appearance of Dame Nellie Melba, an Australian opera singer, played by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa this season.

Inserting Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group into the storyline helps the show focus on the culture of the 1920s, which is creator Julian Fellowes‘ goal.

As he told the London Telegraph: “The fourth [season] is more about getting into the ’20s: what young people wanted, the changes in music, the arrival of the movies, cars, transport and all of that stuff.”

Season four of Downton premieres Sept. 22 in the UK and Jan. 5, 2014, in the U.S. The storyline picks up four months after end of season three. And producers are promising no more deaths!

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A book club began reading To the Lighthouse three days ago. Let’s join them.

The Classics Club

September 10 through October 10To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

— # —

All right, clubbers! Today is Day One of our third sync read, which is designed to be stress-free and place the focus on reading together, rather than completing assignments. (Unless that’s your thing.)

It’s also cleverly designed to keep your moderators from tearing out their hair doing research. So it’s about you, and the book. And you.

Are you reading? Weigh in below — chat, leave a link to your post if you wrote something, read quietly if you prefer to keep to yourself but love knowing you’re reading with others, even silently. Weigh in here and say nothing at your blog. Whatever suits your personality.

There is no Mr. Linky below because the point in this feature is to talk together in a central place, and list our blogs if it comes up. (Which…

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