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Virginia Woolf scholar and Fordham University professor Anne Fernald is featured in an article in the fall issue of Matters Magazine. Infernald “Woolf at the Door: Finding a Home and a Room of Her Own in South Orange,” Fernald discusses her scholarly, aesthetic and personal interest in Woolf.

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The Indigo Girls sing “Virginia Woolf.”

And a video “Tribute to Virginia Woolf” set to the same song.

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For more travels with Virginia Woolf, visit In Her Steps.


“To walk alone in London is the greatest rest” – Virginia Woolf. Day 68 and 69

Google has become my friend today as I set myself up on the couch and research all that London has to offer. With Josh on an afternoon shift, I take this time to write a list of all the sights I’m going to see over the next few weeks whiles Josh is at work. If anyone tells you that you cannot explore London on a budget, don’t believe them! Over the next few weeks I’m going to show you some of the popular tourist destinations and then some not so popular off the beaten track destinations. For more details checkout websites like Timeout London for 101 free things to do in London.

Day 69

Armed with a list a mile long, I head out for my first official day of exploring. Stop number one…

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I found this via Twitter: A Virginia Woolf mural on a wall in Guadalajera, Mexico. Check it out for the vibrant colors as well as the symbolism. And don’t miss the electric meter at the far left.

woolf mural

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Penguin Book Covers


It has been a really really long time since I have posted anything, as work & study have been keeping me really really busy!! I have been loving my study & learning a lot though, so at least the amount of work that goes into it seems worthwhile. On that note, thought I would share a few book covers I have done for the illustration unit. The brief was to pick 3 popular Penguin titles, then illustrate new covers in the combined style of 2 illustrators (I chose Ralph Steadman & Brandon Shaeffer). Cover 1 - Orlando-01Cover 2 - And the Ass saw the Angel-01Cover 3 - Junky-01

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