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I found this via Twitter: A Virginia Woolf mural on a wall in Guadalajera, Mexico. Check it out for the vibrant colors as well as the symbolism. And don’t miss the electric meter at the far left.

woolf mural

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Penguin Book Covers


It has been a really really long time since I have posted anything, as work & study have been keeping me really really busy!! I have been loving my study & learning a lot though, so at least the amount of work that goes into it seems worthwhile. On that note, thought I would share a few book covers I have done for the illustration unit. The brief was to pick 3 popular Penguin titles, then illustrate new covers in the combined style of 2 illustrators (I chose Ralph Steadman & Brandon Shaeffer). Cover 1 - Orlando-01Cover 2 - And the Ass saw the Angel-01Cover 3 - Junky-01

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