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Comedy as a vehicle to illuminate gender inequity: I think Virginia Woolf would have approved.  In her article (Heard the one about how the web put the spark back into feminism?)  in today’s Observer Anna Holmes reflects on the influence of Jezebel (an online feminist magazine) when it pioneered a new wit in women’s journalism.  Yes, I’m sure that  Virginia Woolf would have approved.  After all she wrote one of the first feminist tracts ‘A room of one’s own‘, which I have just read again.

It’s a brilliantly written early feminist text, in which Woolf argues that what a woman (writer) needs is a room of her own and £500 a year annual income (she wrote this in 1928 – I don’t think we’d get very far on 500 nowadays).  The gist is clear: the reason why there have been so very few women writers, painters…

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