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More reviews of Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando are in, some of them not as glowing as the New York Times version published Sept. 23. Read on.

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A slide show of photos from the production is available on the NYT website.

The New York Times is in love with Orlando. And so are a lot of people.

After being alerted to the NYT rave review of Sara Ruhl’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando, I checked out the article online. While there, I noticed it was the most e-mailed article in the theater section. No doubt.

Charles Isherwood’s review, which notes that most of the dialogue in the production comes directly from Woolf’s novel, praises Ruhl’s adaptation for its mix of  “stately elegance and quirky humor in roughly equal doses,” its “elegant, minimal set,” its “subtle blend of drama and dance” and its lively story, among other things.

However, Isherwood also notes that the stage version is best appreciated by those who have an intimate knowledge of the novel.

That is good news for Woolf lovers who have the chance to grab a seat in the Classic Stage Company‘s East 13th Street theatre between now and Oct. 17, when the production closes.

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Orlando at American Conservatory TheaterWords can open our minds, stir our feelings, and touch our souls.

Michael Cunningham, author of The Hours, says the words of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway did even more. They cracked the world open for him.

Read the interview.

Speaking of words — Woolf’s, that is — a reviewer credits them with making the barren set of the stage adaptation of “Orlando” both “vivid and fantastical.”

The play, written by Sarah Ruhl, stars American Conservatory Theater’s master’s program students. It is on stage at the Zeum Theater in San Francisco. Read the review in the UC Berkeley student newspaper.

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