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The due date for proposal submissions to the 23rd Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf is Feb. 1, and you can find23rd conference flier the call for submissions, along with much more, on the conference website.

On the conference website are submission guidelines, hotel information, information about traveling to Vancouver, and a description of a post-conference tour.

“Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader” is the theme of the event, which will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 6-9, 2013. It is sponsored by Simon Fraser University.

Helen Wussow, conference organizer, announced that the following individuals have agreed to provide plenary addresses:

  • Dr. Rosemary Ashton, Quain Emeritus Profesor and Honorary Fellow, University College, London
  • Dr. Paul Delany, Professor Emeritus, English, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Christine Froula, Professor, English, Comparative Literature Studies, and Gender Studies, Northwestern University
  • Dr. Mary Ann Gillies, Professor, English, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Sonita Sarker, Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English, Macalester College
  • Dr. Jane Stafford, Associate Professor, School of English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

She also said that on Friday, June 7, conference registrants will have the opportunity to visit the Bill Reid Gallery in downtown Vancouver and have hors d’oeuvres based on Pacific Northwest aboriginal cuisine.  Mike Robinson, the Gallery’s executive director, will provide an introductory lecture to Pacific Northwest aboriginal art and the work of Bill Reid, a master artist of Haida heritage.

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Here is a new call for papers from the Virginia Woolf Miscellany. Editors of the spring 2014 issue invite discussion of how Woolf’svwm writings explore the material world.

Articles that directly address the relationship between meaning and materiality are particularly welcome, and potential topics include fresh considerations of Woolf’s engagement with:

  • the natural sciences;
  • philosophical conceptualisations of materiality;
  • non/human bodies and objects;
  • fabrics and “things”;
  • the materiality of language and art.

Send submissions of not more than 2,500 words to Derek Ryan, d.ryan@exeter.ac.uk by Aug. 1, 2013.

See more calls for papers on Virginia Woolf and her circle.

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Organizers of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf: Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Woolf have issued a call for papers for the conference, which will be held June 7-10, 2012, at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

Some collaboration has to take place in the mind . . . before the art of creation can be accomplished.  Some marriage of opposites has to be consummated.  The whole of the mind must lie wide open – A Room of One’s Own

We have come together…to make one thing, not enduring—for what endures?—but seen by many eyes simultaneously.  – The Waves

This conference invites explorations of Virginia Woolf’s work from a range of different disciplinary perspectives and practices.  We welcome proposals on any aspect of Woolf studies, and especially papers or performances that:

  • respond to Virginia Woolf and her texts from interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches;
  • respond to the inter- and multidisciplinary work carried out by Virginia Woolf and her circle; and/or
  • respond to the implications of Virginia Woolf’s work by applying its themes and claims to other disciplinary, institutional, social, or cultural contexts.

Proposals may reflect (but need not be limited to) methodologies and knowledge from disciplines such as: Queer Studies, the Digital Humanities, Native Studies, Literary Studies, History, Translation Studies, Art and Art History, Drama, Psychology/ Psychoanalysis, Business Administration, Media and Communications, Music, Political Science, the Study of Sexualities, Postcolonial Theory, Children’s Literature and Studies, Editing and Publishing, Creative Writing, Religious Studies, Economics, Film, the Study of Teaching and Learning, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Ecocriticism, Health, Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Disability Studies, Law…

Submissions from artists, writers, community activists, administrators, “common readers,” independent scholars, teachers, academics and students are welcomed.

For paper proposals, please send a 250-word abstract as a Word attachment.  For panel proposals, please submit a 250-word description of each paper to be presented by the three panel participants along with the proposed panel title.  Because we will be using a blind submission process, please do not include your name on your proposal.  Instead, in your covering email, please include your name(s), institutional affiliation (if any), paper title(s), and contact information.

Proposals and inquiries should be directed to: woolf@arts.usask.ca

The deadline for submissions is Feb. 1, 2012.

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Call for Papers: International Society of Virginia Woolf Panel on Bloomsbury and Africa

Welcomed subjects include Woolf’s imaginative uses of Africa, the Dreadnought Hoax, Bloomsbury and African art, Leonard Woolf and Africa and Hogarth Press publications.

Abstracts of 500 words are due March 12, 2010, to Danell Jones, danelljones@bresnan.net.

The 2011 MLA Annual Convention will be held Jan. 6 to 9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Call for Papers: Woolf Panel on Victorian Woolf

Possible topics include Woolf’s Victorians and Victorianisms, her debts to Victorian contexts, sources and precursors; her modernism reframed, denied or backdated; her late- or neo-Victorian politics, technologies, travels and afterlives.

Abstracts of 250 words are due by March 2, 2010, to Jesse E. Matz, matzj@kenyon.edu.

The 2011 MLA Annual Convention will be held Jan. 6 to 9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

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Georgetown College

Georgetown College

After this year’s conference focused on Woolf and the City, it seems only fitting that the 20th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf should focus on “Virginia Woolf and the Natural World.”

It will be held June 3 to 6, 2010, at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, which, organizers say, is “located on 104 acres of beautiful Kentucky bluegrass.” Georgetown is located 10 miles north of Lexington off I-75.

All proposals for papers, panels, workshops or readings will be considered, but organizers are especially interested in those relating to the conference theme. Topics might include:

  • flowers
  • rythms of nature
  • Cornwal or St. Ives
  • country homes and estates
  • sailing
  • nature as restorative
  • nature as punitive
  • Woolf and ecology
  • Woolf and the environment
  • gardens and gardeners
  • seascapes
  • farmers and farming
  • hunting
  • parks and zoos
  • landscapes
  • vacations
  • hiking
  • prehistory
  • city versus nature
  • animals — animality, animal imagery, domestic animals, animal pet names
  • teaching Woolf and nature

A more complete call for papers will be available soon.

For more information, contact conference organizer Kristin Czarnecki at kristin_czarnecki@georgetowncollege.edu.

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Louisville bannerThe International Virginia Woolf Society invites proposals for critical papers on any topic concerning Woolf studies. Papers will be presented at its ninth consecutive panel at the University of Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, which will take place Feb. 18 to 20

A particular theme may be chosen depending upon the proposals received. 

Submit paper proposals by e-mail. Submissions should be two pages. The cover page should include name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, professional affiliation and title of paper. Page two should contain a 250-word proposal.

Send proposals to Kristin Czarnecki at Kristin_Czarnecki@georgetowncollege.edu by Sunday, Sept. 14.  

Members of the panel selection committee include Jeanne Dubino, Mark Hussey, Jane Lilienfeld and Vara Neverow.

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Woolf scholars are invited to submit a panel topic for next year’s MLA conference, which will be held in Philadelphia Dec. 27-30.

According to the International Virginia Woolf Society Newsletter, this is a call for whole panels, not individual paper proposals. Voting on proposals will be completed by Dec. 30 to meet MLA guidelines.

Please submit only one panel topic, along with the following information:

  • A 35-word description (The word count must include the title.)
  • The name(s) and contact information of the proposed organizer(s) — e-mail, snail mail, preferred telephone number, institutional affiliation, if any.
  • Deadline by which the organizer(s) wish to receive submissions (usually March 15).
  • The format for submissions (500-word abstract? full-length paper?).

Submit to Bonnie Kime Scott, president of the IVWS, electronically or by snail mail by Nov. 20. Electronic submissions are strongly preferred.

Submit by e-mail to:

Electronic submissions are strongly preferred and should carry the subject line Woolf MLA 09.

Submit by snail mail to:

Bonnie Kime Scott
President, IVWS
Dept. of Women’s Studies
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-6030

For more information about the International Virginia Woolf Society’s involvement in MLA conferences and this year’s Woolf panel topics, click here or here.

To propose your own special session for next year’s MLA Conference, go to the MLA Web site for instructions. 

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