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A new short video about Virginia Woolf was recently published on YouTube by TED-Ed. Titled “Why should you read Virginia Woolf?”  it is narrated by Iseult Gillesipe from the University of Wisconson-Madison.

The video details Woolf’s early life and highlights several of her novels. Check it out on YouTube or view it below.


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If Virginia Woolf had a personal assistant, here’s the tale she might tell — according to comedian Gaby Dunn.

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adv of vwDuring one of my many ramblings on You Tube, I came across a charming video called The Adventures of Virginia Woolf.

The three-and-a-half minute video, produced by neon filmmaker Jack Feldstein, imagines the many wonderful and creative things Virginia would have done if she had decided not to walk into the River Ouse but had gone on to live a long, productive life instead.

Feldstein, who hails from Australia, bills his film as “an homage to the great stream-of-consciousness and feminist writer, Virginia Woolf.”

Treat yourself by watching Woolf’s adventures here.

Then, if you feel so inclined, you can watch another of Feldstein’s videos, The Adventures of James Joyce here.

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